Alaska Bulk Fur and Skins
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Bulk Fur and Skins

Bulk Fur
We are one of the largest fur pelt dealers in the state. If you have any specific questions about fur, please call us. Our furs are of top quality; if you are not satisfied with your fur, please send it back for a full refund or exchange.

Prices Subject to change without notice.


Alaskan $150-$160 Canadian $165-$175 XXL Alaskan $140-$150 Canadian $150-$165
Alaskan $130-$140 Canadian $135-$145
Alaskan $95-$115 Canadian $115-$125
Alaskan $85-$90 Canadian $95-$105
Alaskan $75-$80 Canadian $80-$90
Dyed Black available in certain sizes, call for availability and prices.

Sheared Beaver
XXL Grade 1 $149 & Up Grade 2 $120
XL Grade 1 $100 Grade 2 $95
Large Grade 1 $90  Grade 2 $80
(These are estimated costs.)
XL Silver Gray $28 & up
XL White $26 & up
XL Black Dyed $21 & up
XL Brown Heather $24 & up
XL Chinchilla $30 & up
XL Black and White $23 & up
Liners - assorted colors $6 & up
Click Here for Rabbit pelt Picture
Arctic Fox Call for Price
Blue Fox $295 & up
Alaska Red Fox $90 to $159
Silver Fox Call for Price
Cross Fox Call For Price
Shadow Fox $240 & up
Crystal Fox- Call for Price and Availability

Specialty Furs
(Some Mountable)$450 to $750.
(Some Mountable)$500 to $750.
Toscana Lamb  $120 & Up
Wolf Ruff $199.99 & up
Coyote Ruff $79.99 & up
Smoked Moose Hide *call for pricing* Calfskin Black and white, Mostly White, Black and Brown, Brown and White, Clipped or Unclipped Large $170
Other Furs
Coyote $75-$175
Ermine $19.99-$24.99
Finn Coon $139.99 & Up
Land Otter $199 & Up
Lynx $200 to $450.
(Some Mountable)
Mink $59 and up
Muskrat $20 & Up
Nutria Call for Availability
American Opossum $19 & Up
New Zealand Opossum $39.99
Raccoon  $49-$69
Reindeer $220
Skunk $29.99 to $39.99
Marten $99.99

Leather and Suede
Deer Leather $10/sq. ft.  Elk Leather $10/ sq. ft.  Black and Brown Deer $10.00/ sq. ft.  Suede all colors $6.50/ sq. ft.  Lambskin leather all colors $10.00/ sq. ft.  Sheepskin Mouton $75 and up.  Shearling $12/ sq. ft. Garment quality sheepskin $18/ sq. ft. Mouton $18/ sw. ft.

Black Quilted Lining $19.99 yd.  Pile Lining, White, Beige $19.99 yd.

Misc. items:

Glover and beading needles: 25 for $9.99, 3 split thread for $9.99 and 4 split thread for $10.99. Simulated Sinew for $19.99. Beading thread and Leather lacing also available.

Beads: Seed Beads, size 8,10,11,15. Bone; Glass; Crow; Bugle; Faceted; Old Trade Beads.  Findings, spacers, tails and hundreds of other items.

**If you can't find what you are looking for, you may Request an Item and a customer service representative will contact you regarding your request at no extra charge.

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Credit Cards accepted via telephone order only, call us at (907) 563-3877

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